Meet Jemima Montag – an Australian racewalker and the grandchild of Holocaust survivors. Jemima is a champion in her sport; she won the gold medal in back-to-back Commonwealth Games and competed in the 2020 Olympics. But the piece of gold metal that matters most to her is not the one worn around her neck, but the one she wears on her wrist. Her gold bracelet came from her grandmother Judith, who survived the horrors of Auschwitz-Birkenau and a grueling death march in the freezing cold of winter. Two years before she died, Judith cut a gold necklace of hers into three pieces, giving a piece to each of her three granddaughters. Jemima wears that bracelet as a good luck charm during every race. It reminds her of her grandmother, whose incredible strength and resilience inspire her with each and every step.
Contributor: Jill Goltzer