I met this man waiting for the 18 bus in Jerusalem not too far down from Machane Yehuda.


The bus did not come which sparked a conversation, and prompted this man to say “nu? Where’s the 18” in his broken English. From there on I knew I wanted to get to know his story. This is Shmuel he is 92 years old, and was born in Afghanistan. Shmuel showed us this picture of himself in combat uniform meeting David Ben Gurion. He carries this with him in his wallet everyday. He has fought in every Israeli war and was so happy to be able to share his story with me. He told me he lived in an elderly home and continued on to invite us to come to spend shabbos day with him and have cookies and tea. It was meant to be that the bus was late and I got to know this wonderful man today. Shabbat Shalom