We came to congratulate 101 year old WWII hero in honor of Victory day (May 9th).

“He’s not here” said his neighbor.“Did something happen to him?”

I asked in a worried voice. “No, he just goes for a walk every day after lunch. You can look for him around the block”.

After 15 minutes of searching, we finally caught up with the very humble Yeffim (Chaim) Isakovich. “While I was fighting the Nazis, my mothers entire family was rounded up in the city of Velizh and burned alive”. Yeffim recounted. “I have terrible memories from the war. I lost so many family members and friends.”

“But thankfully we won the war. We defeated the fascists. And today I am blessed to have great great grandchildren who can live in peace and tranquility.”

Source: Chaim DanzingerJewish Community of Rostov