“I was driving home with very little gas in my car. When I pulled into the Paz station to fill up, I realized that all I had in my wallet was some coins. I went inside, counted out 33 shekel, and asked the attendant, Nasir, to allow me to put 33 shekel of gas into my car.
I put that small amount into the car and began to slowly pull away. Suddenly, there was a knocking on my window. It startled me and I became more startled when I saw that it was Nasir, the Arab gas station attendant. I hesitantly opened my window. Nasir asked: “How much further do you have to drive? I am very concerned that you don’t have enough gas and want to give you some more gas to make sure you get to where you are going safely. You can come back another time and pay.”
I was close to home and didn’t need to accept his offer but…WOW.” – Dov Lipman

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