My Grandfather’s family was originally from a small town in Germany named Neckarbischofsheim. Every couple of years our family goes to Neckarbischofsheim to view the family history and see where our family was for so long. The shul in Neckarbischofsheim, which was the center of the Jewish community, was destroyed in Kristallnacht. Until this very year, the shul in the community of Neckarbischofsheim was only a memory as there were no pictures.

Three days ago, while my grandfather was at work, he almost passed out in excitement as the very first picture of the shul was discovered. My grandfather is in touch with one of the locals in Germany who loves the Jewish history aspect of the place, they email and talk many times, and this man emailed my grandfather of the picture which was found in some archives. See my grandfather’s email below:

“We finally have a picture of the erstwhile NB synagogue, inaugurated in 1849 and destroyed by the Nazis ימ”ש on Novembver-10-1938.

The synagogue is the building standing across the street which was a dead-end street. By the way the name of the street; Schulgasse is not because of the shul, but rather because a school, Schule in German, which was once located on that street. The fence seen on the right side in front, was the fence of the school.

I cannot describe how excited I was to finally be able to see a photo of the building. All these years we were told that no photo of the building is known to exist.

Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom with much love, Opa”

Source: Ozzie Jeselsohn