Meet Ian Mark. Ian is a young guy in his early thirties, who lives back and forth between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. During COVID quarantine Ian and his friends thought up a fun way to continue Jewish dating while everyone was isolated in quarantine. The friends created a Facebook group called “CoronaCrush” where singles would come and post photos and bios of their closest friends in hopes of finding them a match. The group went viral!! 10,000+ Jewish singles joined the group in the first month and since CoronaCrush was written about in the NYTimes, HeyAlma, and Times of Israel.

Ian has made it his mission to grow the group (that now has 21,000+ followers and is as active as ever) and even expanded the group with wildly successful virtual Jewish speed-dating events. The group has resulted in 9 weddings, 11 confirmed engagements and plenty of other couples. Ian attends as many of the weddings as he can. He has even been asked to say the Sheva brachot prayer under the chuppah because the couple was so grateful! Ian has made it clear that his mission is trying to grow and strengthen the Jewish people, while helping Jewish singles find love.

Also, after a year of trying to create Jewish couples, he just got engaged himself! What a mensch! #MazalTov