Humans of Judaism: Five-Year Anniversary

Hi everyone, it’s Nikki and this weekend will mark the 5 year anniversary for Humans of Judaism. Here is one of my own personal stories:

Not sure if I have ever said this outloud before but the last day I saw my father (the day before he passed away) I was doing laundry at my parents house and as I was heading out to the car my dad chased after me waving a clean sock that I left behind in the dryer. He wanted to be sure I wouldn’t go crazy from a missing sock lol (he knew me well).
Anyways, any time I empty the dryer and look back and see I missed one sock, I smile and think of my dad.
Well, it happened again today, getting ready to leave mom’s house, I emptied the dryer and sure enough I look back and there was one lone sock that I almost missed. I like to think it’s dad saying hi
Shortly after I shared this story, my brother called me in disbelief. He had just opened the daily crossword puzzle only to find ‘one sock’ as the first answer.

Some of you may not know that Humans of Judaism was created in memory of my dad. On June 8, 2014, I wanted to do something special to honor my father. The idea was to create positive content on social media and share stories that highlight the good within the Jewish community. Thank you all so much for providing this space and supporting a 5 year passion project that could not be where it is today without each of you.

5 years, 1 sock and lots of love.
Thank you