Holocaust Survivor Social Events

This photo is from a social event in Israel for Holocaust survivors. One of the greatest challenges facing the elderly is social isolation and loneliness. The good news is that these gatherings bring together a group of survivors and members of their community who volunteer for לתת Latet, the event organizer and largest NGO combating poverty in Israel. Latet arranges for Jewish holiday events several times a year. In addition to the group get-togethers, Latet offers 1,450 Holocaust survivors, a monthly visit and delivery of a food box that should last through the next visit. As we approach Passover, Latet is packing and delivering boxes of essential food and Passover products at the doorstep of thousands of elders in need. How can you help? Easy. Latet is asking for your support. For more information and to contribute, visit: Click Here or go to Latet.org.il/en/hoj/.
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