Francine Christophe

Holocaust survivor Francine Christophe was born in Paris on August 18, 1933. While attempting to flee the Nazis in 1942, Francine and her mother Marcelle were arrested and eventually deported to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1944. Marcelle kept two small pieces of chocolate for her daughter to use when […]

Elie Wiesel

Elie Wiesel.• September 30, 1928, born Eliezer Wiesel in Romania• May 1944, 15 year old Wiesel and his family deported to Auschwitz• 1945, SS units evacuate Auschwitz in January. Elie is liberated with the arrival of US troops in April• 1949, visits Jerusalem for the first time• 1956, Wiesel’s first […]

Rubino Romeo Salmoni

‘Life is Beautiful’, the beloved movie and winner of the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, was inspired by Holocaust survivor Rubino Romeo Salmoni. Director Roberto Benigni read Rubino’s book, ‘In the End, I Beat Hitler’, based on his experiences as a survivor of Auschwitz, which inspired the magnificent […]

Marcel Marceau

Did you know that world-famous mime artist Marcel Marceau was a Holocaust survivor and saved the lives of Jewish children? Marcel (né Mangel) was born to a Jewish family in Strasbourg, France on March 22, 1923. When the Nazis invaded France, Marcel and his family fled to Limoges. His mother […]

Happy 101st Birthday

Happy birthday to Mrs. Devorah (Dora) Appel, who just turned 101.Born in 1919 in Mszana Dolna Poland, her teen years were unfortunately spent within the horrors of several Concentration camps.Alone in the world after WWII, she found herself in a nearby village next to Auschwitz, at the mercy of a […]

Victor “Young” Perez

Victor “Young” Perez was born in the Jewish quarter of Tunis, Tunisia in 1911. A talented boxer, Perez travelled to Paris at age 17 to pursue his dream of becoming a world champion. He became the World Flyweight Champion in both 1931 and 1932, making him the youngest world champion […]

70th Wedding Anniversary.

Holocaust survivor Ben Lesser was born in Krakow, Poland in 1928. During the war, he survived multiple ghettos, concentration camps, a death march from Auschwitz to Buchenwald, and a death train to Dachau. Shortly after making his way to the United States, Ben met the beautiful Jean Singer. The couple […]

Julia Wallach.

Happy 95th birthday to Holocaust survivor Julia Wallach!! Julia was born in Paris, France on June 14, 1925. Nazi troops entered the city on that same day in 1940. Julia hid with her father until they were arrested in 1943 and sent to the Drancy internment camp. She survived Auschwitz-Birkenau […]

Arnold Clevs.

“After surviving the Holocaust, to see Israel Defense Forces soldiers standing by my side here in Israel is so moving. I am so happy and proud to be home.”87-year-old Arnold Clevs was greeted last week by IDF soldiers after fulfilling his lifelong dream of immigrating to Israel.Welcome home, Arnold. Source: Israel Defense Forces

Sir Nicholas Winton

Sir Nicholas Winton was born #OnThisDay, May 19, 1909.In 1939, a young British stockbroker named Nicholas Winton saved 669 Jewish kids from Czechoslovakia during the Holocaust by providing them safe passage to Britain.He never spoke of what he did and it remained a secret for fifty years until his wife discovered […]

Shari Garay

Because everyone could use a smile right now: Here is Holocaust survivor Shari Garay with her great-granddog Scooby. ❤️ Born in Nové Zámky, Slovakia in 1921, Shari survived the horrors of Auschwitz. Today, she lives in San Francisco where she will be celebrating her 99th birthday this month. Source:  @scoobysf @yadvashemusa

Curious George

Before becoming a children’s literary icon, Curious George fled Nazi Europe in the basket of a bicycle. His creators, H.A. and Margret Rey, were both German Jews living in Paris when the Nazis invaded France in 1940. With little to no escape options, the couple fled on two makeshift bikes that H.A. […]

The Danube

During WWII, Jews in Budapest were brought to the edge of the Danube, ordered to remove their shoes, and shot, falling into the water below. 60 pairs of iron shoes now line the river’s bank, a ghostly memorial to the victims. ‘Shoes on the Danube Promenade’ by Can Togay and Gyula […]

Martin Greenfield.

Meet Holocaust survivor and master tailor Martin Greenfield. Born in Pavlovo, Czechoslovakia in 1928, Martin was taken from his home at age 15. His family was sent to Auschwitz where his parents and siblings were all murdered. Martin was later transferred to Buchenwald where he was liberated by the U.S. Army in […]

Happy Birthday Saul!

Please help me wish Saul Dreier a very Happy and Healthy 95th Birthday!! ???? Saul is a 95 year old Holocaust survivor currently celebrating at home alone in Florida. He would be SO thrilled to see birthday comments and well wishes. #HappyBirthdaySaul 

Ruth Won.

During the Holocaust, Ruth was deported by the Nazis to Auschwitz. She jumped from the train car and avoided the gas chambers. She then joined the partisans and fought the Nazis. Ruth is now 97 years old. Her granddaughter Opal is an officer in the Israel Defense Forces.Ruth won. Source: Israel Defense […]

Meet Isidore.

During WWII, the Swirz partisan brigade saved the lives of more than 400 fellow Jews in Eastern Galicia by sneaking into the ghettos and convincing the inmates to escape into the woods with them. There they fought the Nazis, all while struggling to survive. The bottom picture shows Isidore Karten, […]

Chaim Wilschanski

“Yesterday was the final day of shiva for my grandfather HaRav Chaim Wilschanski. The Sefer Torah he daringly rescued on Kristallnacht at the age of 17 from Germany is used on a porch minyan at his shiva in Har Nof, Israel” – Miriam Wills May his memory be a blessing

Hanna Tessler

“As a child, I hated soldiers in uniform. They scared me very much. I never thought there would be a time that I would love soldiers. As you hold my hand, while wearing the uniform of the Israel Defense Forces, paratrooper’s wings pinned on your shirt, and a pair of […]

Gal Gadot’s Grandpa

“This is my sweet grandpa Abraham Weiss wearing the prison camp uniform he was forced to wear as a teenager during the Holocaust in Auschwitz.. he lost his entire family because they were the ‘wrong race’ in someone else’s opinion, and miraculously avoided his own untimely death 9 times (!!!) […]

Julia and Frankie Wallach.

Holocaust survivor Julia Wallach with her granddaughter Frankie Wallach. Julia Wallach was born on June 14, 1925 in Paris, France. On that same day in 1940, Nazi German troops entered and occupied the city of Paris. During the war, Julia hid in an apartment with her father until they were […]

Meet Masha Greenbaum.

Tomorrow, as we celebrate the final days of Passover, we also mark the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Bergen-Belsen. Holocaust survivor Masha Greenbaum (née Ralsky) was among the 60,000 inmates liberated by the British army on April 15, 1945. Born in Slobodka, Lithuania in 1927, Masha survived the Kovno […]

Final Photo.

This picture was taken by a security guard in Jerusalem, Israel on the first night of Passover. Shortly after the photo was posted to social media, it was removed for privacy consideration.The following day the man in the picture passed away on his 80th birthday.The family reached out to the […]

April 11, 1945.

75 Years Ago Today: On April 11, 1945, the Buchenwald concentration camp was liberated by American forces. Pictured are survivors from Buchenwald at the Haifa Port on the way to the Atlit Detention Camp (July, 1945). The little boy holding the flag is Rabbi Israel Meir Lau, former Chief Rabbi […]

The Blue Sweater.

From Passover 2019: “This elegant lady of 95 walked in to the seder tonight in a beautiful rich blue sweater. When I commented on how lovely it was, she was quick to tell me its story. Helena survived three concentration camps and when the last one was liberated she was […]

Rabbi Romi Cohn.

CONDOLENCES: Rabbi Romi Cohn, 92-year-old Holocaust survivor and rescuer, passed away yesterday from the #coronavirus. Romi was born on March 10, 1929 in Pressburg (now Bratislava), Czechoslovakia. When the Germans began deporting Jews from Slovakia in 1942, Romi’s parents had him smuggled to Hungary, which had not yet been occupied by […]

Happy Birthday Ester Wienrib

#MazalTov to Holocaust survivor Ester Wienrib who celebrated her 97th birthday via video call this week! Please note the birthday cake says 98, which is for 97 years + 1 for good luck. Wienrib, who is originally from Poland, currently lives in Tel Aviv and has been mostly confined to her […]