Carolina Mesri

Auschwitz Prayer

I’m Carolina Mesri and I’m from Argentina! 2 weeks ago we came back from the most incredible experience that is March of the Living! In the trip we came across with a survivor and what she told us will be forever in our memories! The day of the march from Auschwitz to Birkenau she was with a school from Argentina and she started to tell us her story, suddenly, she pointed to  one of the blocks the 14 one, and told us “That’s where I used to be and right there (she pointed right in front of it) I saw how the nazis killed my mom while kicking her head”

We are survivors too and our mission is to transmit what happened and never forget about it, because we are the last generation that has the possibility to have survivors but when they wont be here anymore, we wont have the evidence right from their mouths. So let’s remember that 6.000.000 souls who died only for Kiddush Hashem, from every person that had to live through that massacre.
And pray because that the most important way to treat the people who died!

Source: Carolina Mesri