At the ‘Living Links – Chabad on Campus’ trip to Poland, Deena, Noa, and Rachel, grandchildren of holocaust survivors, light the first candle of Chanukah in Auschwitz ll-Birkenau concentration camp, promising to continue the flame. #LivingLinks #SharetheLights #AmIsraelChai Source: Bentzi Sasson

His mother writes, “The week before our son Rami left, he needed to get his ‘army hair cut.’ He knew that the Hillel Torah 8th graders had been privileged to interview a man named Ben Scheinkopf this year. Ben survived Auschwitz because he was a barber. Every day for 3 […]

“Unfortunately, those who follow totalitarian ideologies or extremists, whether religious or political…I don’t trust those people. For many years I didn’t love anyone and I found it hard to recover as an individual as well as as a man. Today, I believe in men and I believe in humanity. What I […]

“Then, we were separated. I really wanted to find her, I thought about her so much. Later, the camps were liberated and, as luck would have it, I was able to see her again, this woman who had been one of my only sources of happiness during such hard years. […]

“The 8th of January, 1944 was an important day. My classmate who was my boss had been arrested the night before. I hadn’t been warned and the next day, after school, I stumbled across two policemen as I entered the factory in which we forged documents. I was arrested by the […]

“When we got there, an SS officer made the decision. All the men were standing on one side, the women on the other. 200 of the men would be sent to Auschwitz and 69 of the women would be transported to the female camp at Birkenau. I later learned that all […]

By profession, Eli is often photographed with athletes and celebrities, but it was this photo that was the real Star! “Priceless to have a poolside lunch with an amazing Aushwitz #survivor – Abe Zelcer on the exact day he was liberated 71 years ago. #neverforget #remember #keepitup #generations #holocaust#history #wearethewinners #documentaries #miamibeach […]

“In April 2015, I, along with 18000 other Jews and non Jews from throughout Israel and the diaspora took part in the March of the Living, a program in which we explore, commemorate and indeed, celebrate pre WW2 Jewry. It was an unbelievable trip, unparalleled by anything in which I have ever […]

Although the Israel leg of his Bar Mitzvah trip has been postponed, Josh and family celebrated his Bar Mitzvah over a shabbat in Budapest. Josh decided to put on T’fillin for the first time while standing on the railroad tracks leading into The Auschwitz-Birkenau. Josh wanted to do this to […]