I bumped into Gunther yesterday in the comments section on Humans of Judaism. In a previous post (attached) about an 85 year old Holocaust survivor that went sky diving with his grandson, proving to Hitler that he couldnt ‘put out his flame’, Gunther commented with this:

“I’m also 85, I was interned in the Budapest Ghetto during the last few months of the Holocaust. Followed by Communism! After escaping communism with my family December 1952. Spent a year in Austria then I went on to Canada! Joined the Royal Canadian Army, had jumpers training, did 5 day solo jumps and one night jump, landed in a tree! Earned my wings, had no jump since! I too am in a payback mode! Joined the local Chabad, had my Bar Mitzvah, I never had, to put a nail into the schmuck’s coffin! In Jewish families it is customary to have at least one doctor and at least one lawyer! Being the only child of my original parents marriage, I therefore had to become both? Now retired! Live in Hashem’s garden, in Southern California! I was only once in Israel! I loved it! Had some health issues, of late, that unfortunately makes it difficult to travel! Enjoy, Shalom!”

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