Everyone Nose that I love a good pun and a good cause. Couture for a Cause is putting on a red nose to kick things off this Thursday at their annual event; this year will benefit the Lev Leytzan organization. Lev Leytzan brings compassionate clowning to hospitals, nursing homes, seniors’ centers, […]

“Greetings from the Land Down Under.”

“Thank G-d all arrived well and mostly sane after the seemingly endless flight. As I rose from my place for a seventh “inning” stretch, a fellow passenger made his way up the aisle and greeted me with “shalom”. He was hands down the most exotic looking passenger on the plane, […]

The Way We Met

“I moved to Israel five years ago after someone I loved dearly was killed by a drunk driver. Israel was his favorite place on earth and I thought by my being there, it would somehow bring me closer to finding answers to this tragedy. Admittedly, I started searching for those […]

Happy Tu B’Shvat!

#TuBShvat is the Jewish “New Year of the trees”. On Tu B’Shvat we plant trees for future generations. Tu is the number 15 in the biblical numbering system (which uses the letters of the Hebrew Alphabet). B’ is Hebrew for “in”. Shvat is the current month on the Hebrew calendar. So […]