Meet Shmulik.

“I’m not your typical Ultra Orthodox Jew. Nine years ago freinds took me to Uman (a pilgrimage site for “Breslov” Hasidim Jews), where I discovered the teaching of Rabi Nachman. It was like an awakening for me and I became a ‘Breslov’. Wearing black doesn’t make you a better Jew […]

“My grandfather served in the IDF during The War of Independence in 1948. They are all examples of strength and hope and my mom pictured here is proof of that.”

“Jerusalem 1953-8 years after the end of the Holocaust. Pictured here are 7 survivors: (from right to left) My grandparents, my great aunt and uncle, their step sister , my great grandfather and his 2nd wife. The baby is my mother. Born in Jerusalem where my grandparents met and married […]