“My neighbor took his daughter to Israel in honor of her Bat Mitzvah. On the last day of her trip, they went to a soup kitchen so the Bat Mitzvah girl would learn about chesed firsthand. There they distributed 700 pekeluch (goody bags) to 700 children with a little note […]

RENEWAL: Stuart Cohnen’s Kidney Donation

“This is a picture of me and the surgeon right before I went into surgery at New York-Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell Medical Center on May 12.  I was privileged to donate a kidney to someone in renal failure and on dialysis.  The match and all arrangements were facilitated by […]

HARRY & ELIZABETH: Meant To Be Together

“Harry and I were married for 19 years and divorced for the next 25.  He called me from the East coast to tell me he had health problems and I flew to Philadelphia and helped him through heart surgery and with the help of our children we brought him back to California.  February […]