“I live in the Mellah, surrounded by more Arabs and Muslims than any other Jew in the world, but I feel more at home, more safe, here, than anywhere else I have lived….”

“…. there are other countries where you could live….would you move to one of those countries? “I’m 100% Moroccan. My ancestors have lived in Morocco for 2500 years…and [also from] the expulsion from Spain in 1492. No matter what anyone says, this is a Jewish land and my land…. Let […]

“Why did you move to Mumbai?”

“Why did you move to Mumbai?” “My community is literally dying. Most of them bedridden. My father was a shochet but now he has stopped. There are no young men. There is no minyan. I’m the second youngest Jew in my community…. There is no future for me in Cochin.” […]

Jews in India

“I feel safe in India. I am safe. I visited Turkey and the Jews there are afraid to tell people they are Jewish. In India, I tell everyone and nobody cares. Actually, most people – seven out of ten people – have never heard of Jews. I try to explain […]