Mark Twain

A timeless note from Mark Twain about the Jewish people. Published in the year 1899: “If the statistics are right, the Jews constitute but one percent of the human race. It suggests a nebulous dim puff of star dust lost in the blaze of the Milky Way. Properly the Jew […]

Beit Rachel Synagogue in Astana, Kazakhstan is the largest synagogue in Central Asia and is a testament to Kazakhstan’s religious tolerance.

The synagogue which opened in 2004 serves a Jewish community of roughly 150 families, most of which were forcibly moved to the area by Stalin in the 1950s from Belorussia, Lithuania, and the Ukraine during Khrushchev’s virgin lands campaign. Wishing you all #ShabbatShalom! Source: GO Kosher Travel via Bentzi Sasson

HistoryMiami’s newest exhibit, “South Beach, 1974-1990: Photographs of a Jewish Community,” captures the time when the area was predominantly Jewish.

The Miami Beach building that was home to the legendary nightclub Mansion and performances by Rick Ross and Deadmau5 was once a vaudeville theater known for its Yiddish entertainment. The Walgreens located in the Ritz-Carlton South Beach hotel was previously the site of the famed Jewish deli Wolfie’s. And the […]

Artwork Returned to Rightful Owners

France on Monday officially returned a 16th-century portrait, attributed to Joos van Cleve or his son, to the descendants of Hertha and Henry Bromberg, a German-Jewish couple who were forced to sell the work of art in Paris when they fled Germany before World War II. Source: The New York […]

Jews in India

“I feel safe in India. I am safe. I visited Turkey and the Jews there are afraid to tell people they are Jewish. In India, I tell everyone and nobody cares. Actually, most people – seven out of ten people – have never heard of Jews. I try to explain […]