An incredible video that will brighten your day!

This Israeli soldier, Elisha, left his home in England to serve the Jewish state. Before his heroic move, he worked at a school for special needs where he grew close to many students, forming friendships while helping them learn. Elisha decided to surprise his students upon his return to England. […]

Way To Go BIKE4KEF! 🚴 You Did It!

Congrats and Job Well Done to all those who participated in Bike4KEF yesterday. Bike4KEF rides to raise money for special needs summer camp in England. Ten years ago, the dream of two mothers of children with disabilities in North West London became a reality when a pioneering teenager, Batya Salomon […]


“This past weekend, hundreds of Manchester Jews attended a pro-Israel demonstration outside a Jewish owned shop named Kedem, to counteract the boycotts and verbal hatred which have taken place everyday for the past two weeks. Every Jewish walk of life came together in unity to stand with Israel and say […]