CONDOLENCES: Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz

Chances are, Rabbi Zlotowitz has touched your life at some point or another without you even knowing it. As the founder of ArtScroll/ Mesorah Publications, Rabbi Zlotowitz was and continues to be responsible for Torah study across the world. With countless books of Torah, prayer and beyond, ArtScroll has set […]


‪צריך האדם לבקש רחמים מהקב״ה לחדש זאת הרשימה בלבן בר״ה וע״ז מבקשין כתבנו לחיים One of the consequences of the restoration of the Jewish soul every Rosh Hashanah is the return of that inner spark of sanctity that somehow has lain dormant all year. Liberated from his material impulses, every […]

ELUL: Just Apologize

JUST APOLOGIZE ‪#‎APOLOGIZE‬ ‪#‎MECHILAH‬ ‪#‎ELUL‬ ‪#‎SPARK‬ Sincerely apologizing is the best way to overcome the resentment and negative feelings of someone who is angry with you. However, at times it can be very difficult to apologize. When you tell yourself, “Just apologize,” it can become easier. If you really did something wrong, you have […]