This week, Humans of Judaism collaborated with Dana Arschin:

Please share to help me get Barbra Streisand’s attention! Her father, Emanuel Streisand, is buried right next to my great grandfather, Anchel Arschin. Over the years, Streisand has said that Anchel, the man buried next to her father, inspired her to direct the 1983 Oscar-winning movie “Yentl.” The film’s main character is named Anshel.

In many interviews, the singer/actress revealed she wasn’t convinced she should be the one to direct the film, but then she visited her father’s grave.

The Los Angeles Times reports:
“I never had a picture with my father,” she said. “When I came home my brother sent me the picture of my arm around the tombstone. And I think it was [producer] Rusty Lemorande who said, ‘Oh, my God. Look at the picture.”
In the photo, the tombstone next to her father’s was for a person named “Anshel,” the name Yentl takes when she becomes a man.

“That was the sign,” Streisand said. “I have to direct it.”

Source: Dana Arschin

And then this happened: