Posted by Hillel Fuld: “Just leaving the shiva to head home and try to get some sleep.
Today, showed us, the Fulds one thing. We knew Ari was a big man, in more way than one. We did not realize, I am not sure he realized, he was a real giant.
The house was full to the absolute maximum capacity from 7:30 AM till now, with no breaks whatsoever.
Stories from his army service, stories from his karate teachings, stories from his Torah learning, stories from his Israel promoting. It didn’t end.
He was a giant In every sense of the word and he impacted the lives not of thousands or even tens of thousands. That was our estimate and we were off. Ari deeply impacted the lives of millions.
He accomplished in 45 years what very few people accomplish in a lifetime. He was a giant and a hero.
This photo was taken just now at the Beitar Jerusalem soccer game and was sent to me by the team owner, my dear friend, Moshe Hogeg.
I bet even Ari couldn’t have imagined his name being on display here.
The ripples Ari created in the universe are endless and we are only beginning to see that now.”

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