Love this story! ♥️

“Today I had the privilege of meeting this amazing & wonderful woman who is 89 years young! This is my new friend Rose. Rose is a holocaust survivor that truly inspired me! She has numbers tattooed on her hand yet she came to America in 1948 & built this beautiful life with her husband & sons! She worked her whole life doing whatever necessary to take care of her family. She told me all her life she only asked g-d for 1 thing, she didn’t need much, all she needed was peace of mind. She said when you have inner peace all the rest falls into place! What a smart cookie this woman is! I listened to her stories of this beautiful full life she lived….She said that since her husband passed away 4 years ago, everything seemed to go wrong for her. Yet despite all the many hardships that she has had, she blessed me 1200 times just for sitting with her for an hour. She appreciates every little small thing that g-d gives her no matter what! When I asked her to take a picture she was so excited she grabbed her lipstick out to look her very best. She did not disappoint! While she was thanking me all I felt was soo much gratitude that she came into the restaurant today “by mistake”! She made my day more than I could have ever made hers ❤️! So grateful for my new friend Rose” – @monicaw1221

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