It feels like just yesterday when I was a kid her age and my mom was visiting me. I remember the phone calls home, having that lump in my throat and feeling like I was just so. far. away. I’m not sure if sending my oldest to sleepover camp was harder for me or for her. I had so many worries and there were so many what if’s, and I just want to keep my kids close to me and never let them go. But part of growing up (yes, even Mom’s grow up!), is learning to let go, and so I did. And do you know what I learned? I learned that letting go gives your children the freedom to grow into themselves, and all the sweat, love and tears that you put into raising them has a chance to shine and boy was it shining today! Motherhood is so hectic and most of the time, It’s about fixing what is broken and getting through the day, but when you step outside of it, and you give your children the freedom to grow independently, you gain a whole new perspective of the person that they are, and the person they are growing up to be. You realize that motherhood is so much more than changing diapers, and washing laundry. It’s about making little people, that will grow up to be big people. It’s about cooking up the most intricate dish of your life, made up of a gazillion different ingredients, and when you finally get to taste it, it’s even more delicous than you could have ever imagined.” – Busy In Brooklyn

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