Holocaust survivor Saul Dreier blowing the shofar at the Kotel! Born in Krakow, Poland, Saul was the only member of his immediate family to survive the Shoah. He survived the Kraków ghetto and several concentration camps, including Plaszów, Auschwitz, Mauthausen, and Linz. After the war, Saul was sent to a DP camp in Italy where he learned to play the drums. In 2014, he put those drum skills to use when he founded the Holocaust Survivor Klezmer Band with fellow Floridian and survivor Ruby Sosnowicz. Together, Saul and Ruby honor their Jewish heritage and bring the joyous sound of Klezmer (Jewish folk music) to younger generations.

Photo: @sauldreier (2018)
Source: American Society for Yad Vashem Young Leadership Associates


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