Humans of Judaism started on June 8, 2014
It was 3 years ago today that I had an idea.
I was in avelus, the year of mourning, for the sudden loss of my father a”h and wanted to do something special in his memory. My father was very proud of my community work on social media, so it was only natural to start a project in his memory.
He was a very proud Jew and a uniquely upbeat person who celebrated the goodness in others. The thought, therefore, was to create and maintain a positive online environment for the Jewish community and so I did just that.
The success of the page is reflective of what people want to see. While I may just be the point, click and post person, Humans of Judaism is a group effort and a credit to all its followers, likers, sharers, posters, taggers, story submitters, social media partners, friends, family, the entire Jewish Community and beyond.
Together, we have reached this 3-year milestone and together we can continue to make more positive changes within our community and throughout the world.
Thank you all for your ongoing support and for joining me on this journey.
– Nikki Schreiber
In loving memory of my father, Bayrish Schreiber Z”L
לזכר נשמת ר׳ ישכר בעריש בן יהודה ישעיה הלוי שרייבער ז״ל

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