7 years ago today.
There are 2 memorial dates on the calendar each year when I honor my father; one is on the anniversary of the day he passed away and the other is today, the day I created Humans of Judaism in his memory. On June 8, 2014, it was halfway through my year of mourning, and I wanted to do something meaningful. The concept was to create a space on social media that highlights the good within the Jewish community. That was it. My goal was simply to produce and maintain an online space where everyone is welcome, while connecting with others purely on the basis of celebrating Judaism. It’s hard to believe that it has been 7 years since this all started. 7 years of waking up and deciding what should be posted each day, what feels right. 7 years of trying my best to educate, share personal testimony, history and storytelling. Honoring my father while honoring my community has become one of the same.
The last few weeks have been unlike anything I’ve experienced in the 7 years I’ve been doing this. The very values and work I have been so proud of for 7 years were under attack. Our history and love for Judaism was the least popular thing on social media and in the world. I’ll admit, my heart was broken and my soul was crushed. I try to lead with love and yet there was a tremendous darkness that invaded this authentic environment. However, I am reminded that this page was founded at a very low point in my life, a place of deep pain and grief. It is a constant reminder of what can be built when life hands you lemons. Today, more than ever, the best way to honor my father is to continue these efforts. I am determined to keep going for as long as I can. For my father, for myself and my community. I can’t thank you enough for joining me on this journey.
? – Nikki Schreiber