Meet Paddington Bear

Did you know that the beloved character Paddington Bear, Paddington Movie, was inspired by Jewish children who escaped the Holocaust on the Kindertransport? Creator Michael Bond (1926-2017) was motivated by his memories of children arriving at London’s Reading station during WWII. These young refugees each carried a small suitcase and […]

This is Your Life

In 1953, Hanna Bloch Kohner became the first Holocaust survivor living in the US to share her personal story with American television audiences. During a live broadcast of “This Is Your Life,” host Ralph Edwards reunited Hanna with former friends from Europe, a G.I. who helped her after liberation, and […]

Thank You Asma!

This weekend in London while riding the northern line, a Jewish man and his young son were verbally attacked by the man in this photo. The woman in the photo, Asma, did not remain silent or stand by. She spoke up to defend the Jewish man and his young son. […]

Meet Walter Strauss.

“Below the house where I lived there was a Jewish-owned store. I saw how men in SA uniforms – they often had knee-high boots – came and kicked the store windows until they broke. Then people started clapping, shouting ‘Bravo.’ It was like a show they performed.” Walter Strauss was […]


To commemorate the anniversary of #Kristallnacht, the night of the broken glass, and in memory of the Holocaust, one of the biggest soccer teams in Brazil SC Corinthians Paulista sends a powerful message in solidarity with the Jewish community and Israel. All the seats in the stadium and the team’s […]