Largest Aron Kodesh

Pictured here is Rabbi Shmuel Bistritzky standing in the largest Aron Kodesh (Torah Ark) in the world, housing 430 Torah scrolls intended for each battalion that goes out for IDF operational activities. ‘An exciting and empowering feeling to be surrounded by hundreds of Torah scrolls’. Source: Rabbi Shmuel Bistritzky/ בית חב”ד […]

Yemenite Bride

In this photo (taken in the Yemenite Jewish community in Israel) a bride is helped by an older relative as she puts on the elaborate adornments customarily worn during the wedding celebration.Jewish culture in Yemen had developed largely separate from the rest of the Jewish world, even from the rest […]


This is my dad, David Urman, of blessed memory. I think of him today on Father’s Day and every day. In this photo, taken in 1982, he radiates pure joy while holding his first grandchild, my son, Lawrence. Dad was a Holocaust Survivor. After his brutal incarceration at Auschwitz and […]

Statue of Liberty

#OnThisDay, June 17, 1885, the Statue of Liberty arrived at its permanent home in New York Harbor. But did you know that Emma Lazarus, the American poet whose famous words are inscribed on its pedestal, was Jewish? Lazarus was born in 1849 to a large Sephardic family in New York […]

Spanish Synagogue

#ShabbatShalom from The Spanish Synagogue in Prague, known as one of the most beautiful synagogues in Europe. Photo: Noam Chen – Photographer | נועם חן – צלם

Anne Frank

Anne Frank was born 93 years ago on June 12, 1929. 80 years ago today, she received a blank diary for her 13th birthday.

Jerusalem, 1895

#OnThisDay June 8, 2014, the first Humans of Judaism post was shared on Instagram. To mark the milestone, I thought I’d take a page out of my own family history and share it with you. Pictured: R’ Yaakov Mann, my great-great-great grandfather, with his foot on a rock standing next […]

June 7, 1967

#OnThisDay June 7, 1967. “The Israeli Defense Forces have liberated Jerusalem” Defense Minister Moshe Dayan announced to the nation. “We have reunited the torn city, the capital of Israel. 55 years ago today, Israeli paratroopers broke through Jerusalem in the 6-day-war ending decades of oppression against Jews in the Holy […]

June 5, 1967

On June 5, 1967, a war began between Israel and three neighboring countries, Egypt, Jordan and Syria. Israel’s victory in the Six-Day War, 55 years ago, became a defining moment for the young country. David Rubinger documented those crucial days. His images have become a symbol of Israel. Source: Government […]

Recovered Torah

Wow! A recovered Torah that was stolen/lost during the Holocaust was brought to Jerusalem this week and placed in the hands of 96-year-old Holocaust survivor R’ Yosef Levkovich. Source: Rabbi Dr. Yosef Lynn

Jerusalem Synagogue in Prague

A look inside the Jerusalem Synagogue/Jeruzalémská Synagoga in The Czech Republic; known for its location on Jerusalem Street in Prague, built in 1906. Source: Noam Chen – Photographer | נועם חן – צלם

Lily Ebert’s Memoir

On May 10 1933, one of the largest Nazi book burnings took place, in Berlin. Over 20,000 Jewish books were burned. Exactly 89 years later, my great grandma’s memoir about surviving Auschwitz was published in the US. Today, Lily’s Promise is #2 on the @nytimes bestseller list.Source: Dov Forman

Ritchie Boys

Did you know? The Ritchie Boys was a group of German-born Jews who fled their homes, came to America and then joined U.S. Army to use their knowledge of the German language and culture to return to Europe and fight the Nazis. They took their name from the place they […]

Operation Solomon

“Israel is the first country in the history of the world to bring humans from Africa not to enslave them, but to set them free.” – Colin Powell, Former United States National Security Advisor In May of 1991, Ethiopia was coming to the end of its long civil war and […]

Tiby Eisen

Thelma ‘Tiby’ Eisen was born 100 years ago on May 11, 1922 and passed away on her 92nd birthday, May 11, 2014. Tiby was an outfielder who played in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League from 1944-1952. Born in Los Angeles, Eisen grew up in an orthodox Jewish home playing […]

Maroon 5

SPOTTED: Adam Levine at the Western Wall just ahead of the Maroon 5 concert in Tel Aviv. Photo: Moshe Mizrahi

Audrey Hepburn and Anne Frank

Born on May 4, 1929, did you know that legendary actress Audrey Hepburn helped save Dutch Jews during the Holocaust? As a young girl in Nazi-occupied Holland, Hepburn staged secret dance recitals to raise money for the Dutch Resistance. Known as “zwart avonden,” or “black evenings,” these illegal performances helped […]

On This Day in Tel Aviv

Israel’s first Independence Day Parade passing between Allenby and Ben Yehuda Streets in Tel Aviv, May 4, 1949. Source: Hans Pinn, Government Press Office

This is Your Life

In 1953, Hanna Bloch Kohner became the first Holocaust survivor living in the US to share her personal story with American television audiences. During a live broadcast of “This Is Your Life,” host Ralph Edwards reunited Hanna with former friends from Europe, a G.I. who helped her after liberation, and […]

Golda Meir

Born Golda Mabowitz on May 3, 1898 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Golda Meir was a Zionist advocate, an Israeli politician who was amongst the founders of the State of Israel. She later served as the State’s fourth prime minister – Israel’s first and the world’s third woman to have served in […]

Yom HaZikaron

They may not be with us, but they are always in our hearts. #YomHaZikaron is the Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers of the Wars of Israel and Victims of Terrorism. Israel Rememberance Day #WeRemember Photo: Eyal Mass Photographer