This Morning in Israel

This is the Israeli motorcyclist who miraculously survived yesterday’s terror attack in Bnei Brak because the terrorist’s weapon malfunctioned. This morning, he returned to the same spot to say a special prayer of thanks. Photo: David Zar Source: StandWithUs

May Their Memories Be a Blessing

11 people were killed in terror attacks this past week in Israel. May their memories be a blessing: Laura Yitzchak, 43. Moshe Kravitzky, 50. Doris Yahbas, 49. Menachem Menuchin Yechezkel, 67. Yazan Falah, 19, Border Police Officer. Shirel Abukarat, 19, Border Police Officer. Amir Khoury, 32, Police Officer. Ya’akov Shalom, […]