This is Gidon, my Lyft Driver and New Brother.

This is Gidon. My Lyft driver and new brother. This morning, on my way back home from a very productive recording session with the fabulous Adrienne Gold in DC, I requested my Lyft. When Gidon arrived, I entered his car and immediately saw a tefilat haderech (prayer for travelers) and […]

Happy 100th Birthday: Malka Zajc

Happy 100th birthday to Holocaust survivor Malka Zajc! Born on February 28, 1920 in Ciechanów, Poland, Malka survived the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising as well as the Majdanek, Auschwitz, Ravensbrück, and Malchow concentration camps. After the war, she made a life for herself in New York City, where she still lives […]