Michael Dell was born in 1965 in Houston, to a Jewish family whose surname reflects the translation into English of the original German/Yiddish Thal (“valley” or “dale) modern common-noun spelling Tal) upon the family’s immigration to the United States. Charity is nothing new to the Dell family. In 2014, they […]

“A pair of socks, notepad and pen, lotion, a few snacks, a bottle of water, tissues and chapstick. I asked the nurse if a group of students made these for the patients. She said that it was a teenage boy who did this for his bar mitzvah celebration. She really […]

“This month we celebrated the birth of our son, Menachem Mendel, in Laredo, Texas. The closest shul we can find is 160 miles away in San Antonio, Texas. Thankfully men like Rabbi David Shawel have dedicated their lives to traveling near and far to help Jews like us fulfill our covenant with […]