But as a young girl, tradition didn’t interest me. I loved music and dreamt of being a famous singer. I wanted to be part of the Soviet cultural scene. My mother tried discouraging me from leaving my roots behind, but I was determined.” “My dream became a reality, singing and […]

“The language wasn’t the only thing unfamiliar. I remember the first time I put on Tefillin. ‘What are these boxes,’ I thought to myself. I was clueless!” “They mean a lot more to me today.” Dovid takes out his new Tefillin, a gift from the Rabbi. You can smell the […]

The Nazis mercilessly butchered all of Rostov’s Jews, including young children and the elderly, hoping to leave nothing of our heritage. They tried to extinguish the flame of Judaism in our city, but they didn’t succeed. Today, 75 years later, we held a March of the Living, followed by a […]