Parshat Behar

(Based on Sichas Shabbos Parshas Behar 5725) At the very end of this week’s Parsha, we see the laws of non-Jews owning Jewish slaves. Megillat Esther (7:4) compares Am Yisrael in galut (exile) to the case which we see in our Parsha of a Jew being sold into slavery to a non-Jew.  When one […]

Parshat Emor

In the first Pasuk of our Parsha, we see a double language between the words “Emor” and “VeAmarta”, “Speak” and “Say”. Rashi explains the double language to mean that aside from teaching the Kohanim to observe the following mitzvot (“Emor”), the Kohanim should be warned to educate their children in […]


‪#‎PARSHA‬ ‪#‎BO‬ ‪#‎SPARK‬ Different Strokes for Different Folks And so that you may relate in the ears of your son and your son’s son that I made mockery of Egypt and my signs that I placed among them – that you may know that I am Hashem. (Ex. 10:2) God sent 10 […]