Yoni Netanyahu (pictured with wife) was born in #NYC. He was enrolled at #Harvard University, and made the Dean’s List in his first year. Feeling restless being away from #Israel, Yoni returned to his homeland, went to the #army and became commander of the most elite unit. He was killed in action on July 4, 1976, […]

The Lone Soldier Center assists soldiers before, during and after their service in the Israeli Defense Forces. The center was established in memory of Michael Levin Z”L. Michael was a 21 year old lone soldier from Philadelphia who died fighting for his Country. Michael’s memory and courage lives on through […]

Just recently, Yuval Chamu concluded her Israel Defense Forces service and, along with it, her volunteer work at the ‪#‎ALEH‬ Negev-Nahalat Eran Rehabilitation Village. Yuval had begun her weekly volunteer service at the Village about a year ago in a joint project of the Hatzerim Israeli Air Force Base and ALEH Negev. Every Tuesday […]