WE REMEMBER: Bibi Netanyahu’s Brother Yoni

Yoni Netanyahu (pictured with wife) was born in #NYC. He was enrolled at #Harvard University, and made the Dean’s List in his first year. Feeling restless being away from #Israel, Yoni returned to his homeland, went to the #army and became commander of the most elite unit. He was killed in action on July 4, 1976, […]

THE LONE SOLDIER CENTER: Where No Soldier is Ever Alone

The Lone Soldier Center assists soldiers before, during and after their service in the Israeli Defense Forces. The center was established in memory of Michael Levin Z”L. Michael was a 21 year old lone soldier from Philadelphia who died fighting for his Country. Michael’s memory and courage lives on through […]

Part of IDF Service includes community volunteer work, here is just one soldiers story

Just recently, Yuval Chamu concluded her Israel Defense Forces service and, along with it, her volunteer work at the ‪#‎ALEH‬ Negev-Nahalat Eran Rehabilitation Village. Yuval had begun her weekly volunteer service at the Village about a year ago in a joint project of the Hatzerim Israeli Air Force Base and ALEH Negev. Every Tuesday […]

THROWBACK: One Year Ago Today July 6th

A year ago today, The Israel Defense Forces​ vowed to protect us Operation Edge broke out in Israel, they kept their promise. “Gd bless the IDF and Gd bless Israel! When terrorists are firing rocket after rocket into populated cities, Israel has the RIGHT to defend itself! #OperationProtectiveEdge #LifeUnderTerror#AmYisraelChai!”