It all started with a Spark.

Hashem chose the Jewish people because of the inner spark of spirituality that resides in every Jewish soul. Every Jew has an obligation to fan that spark and nourish it through mitzvos and good deeds.

This inner spark, which originates from Abraham, is present in all Jews, even those who stray far away from Judaism. Hashem protects it from dying out; this is the meaning of the name Magen Avraham, the shield of Abraham.

(Lech Lecha 5635)

In the Summer of 2012 I created a Facebook page called Daily Spark with the intention of providing a small nugget of Torah and positive thinking to our newsfeeds. Initially, I looked for a page that would have a small bite, short paragraph of chizuk (positivity) to kick my day off in the right spirit. I was unable to find such a page so I just started my own. Daily Spark had a modest following of several hundred Facebooker fans. The best follower had to be my father. He was retired at the time and welcomed this Daily Spark of Torah. My father didn’t exactly have Facebook, just a daughter who emailed Sparks to him personally.

Unfortunately, in November of 2013 my father passed away suddenly. Daily Spark really helped me during what was obviously a difficult time. A few months had gone by and I wanted to do something even more meaningful in memory of my father’s Neshama (Soul). It was then that I created the page, Humans of Judaism in June 2014 and changed Daily Spark to Sparks of Judaism. Within a week or two, the page started to gain quite a following. The idea was to create a positive environment on social media that highlights the good in our community, the humanity of each Jew and supporters of our global community. Shortly after the page launch was the kidnapping of the 3 boys in Israel followed by the outbreak of Operation Protective Edge. The entire Jewish community was looking for something – looking for strength, comfort and unity. Soon enough, more and more people were finding the page and liking the posts and submitting their own stories to be shared.

Humans of Judaism has exceeded any and all expectations of which I really had none.

Today, it is with great pride that I invite you to which is an entire site devoted to the many beautiful areas of Judaism.

This section is aptly titled “ABOUT US”. While I may be the point, click and post person, this site is a group effort and credit to all the followers, likers, sharers, posters, taggers, story submitters, social media partners, friends, family and the entire Jewish Community.

Thank You!

This site is dedicated in loving memory of my dear sweet father, Bayrish Schreiber Z”L

My father touched so many lives and taught me so much about seeing the human side of every person, every Jew. With each click and each post, his Neshama should have an Aliyah.

לזכר נשמת ר׳ ישכר בעריש בן יהודה ישעיה הלוי שרייבער ז״ל

– Nikki Schreiber
May 3, 2015