Nikki Schreiber founded Humans of Judaism in June 2014 and has grown it into one of the leading Jewish media influencer brands around the world. The idea was to share the positive within our community and show the human side of Jews from around the world. With over 100,000 Facebook followers and over 100,000 Instagram followers, Humans of Judaism is widely held as the Jewish page to follow.

This section is aptly titled “ABOUT US” as the site is a group effort and credit to all of the social media followers, likers, sharers, posters, taggers, story submitters, social media partners, friends, family and the entire Jewish community without which none of this could be possible.

Humans of Judaism is dedicated in loving memory of my dear sweet father, Bayrish Schreiber Z”L

My father touched so many lives and taught me so much about seeing the human side of every person, every Jew.

With each click and each post, may his Neshama should have an Aliyah.

לזכר נשמת ר׳ ישכר בעריש בן יהודה ישעיה הלוי שרייבער ז״ל

– Nikki Schreiber