Good Morning from The Great Synagogue in Copenhagen: Closing in 1 week for 2 years for a complete renovation.

The Great Synagogue is the main synagogue of the Jewish community in Copenhagen, Denmark. During World War II, the Synagogue’s Torah scrolls were hidden at nearby Trinitatis Church and were later returned to the Synagogue after the war. The landmark was the victim of 2 terror attacks, in 1985 there […]


I see you have forgotten All about your worth, So let me remind you about How your soul arrived on earth. Many years ago on high You were fashioned with love, And then gently planted Descending from above. Perfection wasn’t asked Just to do your best, To create and fulfill […]

“As a 10 year old boy, my grandfather stood under this sign at the entrance of Auschwitz with Nazis at his side…”

“…73 years later, my grandfather stands under the same sign with his grandson, an IDF soldier, at his side. The ultimate victory. He may not have fought with a weapon, but he is still every bit a soldier. Today, I tell my grandfather that there is no need to fight […]

Modeh Ani

The miracle of waking up Is often underestimated. The gift of this beautiful world Sometimes goes unappreciated. So if you opened your eyes To welcome this new day, Take a moment to give thanks Before you go on your way. –G #powerofspeech Source: Power of Speech by G

“Today I had treatment in Dallas. When I arrived at the infusion room at Texas Oncology at Presbyterian to get my treatment each chemo chair had a beautiful gift bag full of goodies.”

“A pair of socks, notepad and pen, lotion, a few snacks, a bottle of water, tissues and chapstick. I asked the nurse if a group of students made these for the patients. She said that it was a teenage boy who did this for his bar mitzvah celebration. She really […]