On Top of the World

“We made to the top of Masada!?. We did it! We came to Israel this year for our bar mitzvahs. Every year our Mashadi Jewish Community schedules a trip for all the bar and bat mitzvah Boys and girls. We went to many different places in Israel and toured a […]

“I sat down to eat in the famous kosher Amnon’s pizza in the Jewish sector of Borough Park and overheard this eldery holocaust survivor saying to one of the workers, “They are trying to deny the holocaust but I’ve been there”.”

“I struck up a conversation with him. He was in Dachau and in Auschwitz concentration camps and showed me the numbers tattooed on his arms. I told him I’ll post on the Internet a picture of him and his testimony. He smiled and said thank you.” – Yanky Schwartz — with Yanky […]

? Summertime in NYC

Check out this recent post from the NYPD: “#BeatTheHeat In this #Summer heat, sometimes the best way to stay cool (and connect with the community) is having a cup of lemonade. That’s exactly what our 107 Pct cops did today in #FreshMeadows #Queens.”


Elie Wiesel was an American Romanian-born Jewish writer, professor, political activist, Holocaust survivor, and Nobel Peace Prize winner. He will always be remembered. May his memory be a blessing


The Torah gives us the mitzvah of Tzitzis, the command to place fringes on a four-cornered garment. The fringes would include one made of Techeiles, wool dyed a special shade of blue. It was intended to remind us of the sea, which would remind us of the sky, which would remind […]