20. @SoulsontheDon

371 followers – Bio: Exploring the lives and tales of the Jews of Russia, one soul at a time.

A Jewish community with many stories.

19. @Kosherdotcom

12.8k followers – Bio: Kosher recipes, videos, tips, and more! Let’s talk food!

Taking Kosher to the next level.

18. @GOKosherTravel

184 followers: GO Kosher Travel provides customized itineraries for group travel worldwide, with effortless planning and special attention to detail

Every Friday Synagogues from around the world are featured on Humans of Judaism. Each week a Synagogue from a new city along with photos and background information are featured ahead of Shabbat. Humans of Judaism shares the photos, GO Kosher Travel takes you there in person.

17. @EliWohlPhoto

4138 followers: NYC Photographer (Interiors)

Some of the best photos from inside the Jewish communities of New York City.

16. @LauraBenDavd

1625 followers: Writer, speaker, adventurer & ideator; start-ups, #socialmedia training, branding strategy, marketing. #Israel is my passion; LBD Creative is my biz.

Laura manages to capture beautiful views of Israel with an added personal touch. Such amazing photos!

15. @TourGuideAaron

23k followers: Sharing Israel and my Israel life with you

I love this account, it truly makes you feel like you are on a tour in Israel and so much more.

14. @BirthrightIsrael

44.8k followers: We offer the gift of a free 10-day trip to Israel. We feature the best photos taken by you!

If you haven’t been on Birthright yet, it’s not too late. Having gone on Birthright myself, I find the page filled with images that take me right back to my own trip years ago. One of the best features is that they often repost photos from the trip goers themselves, providing an authentic glimpse into this once in a lifetime trip.

13. @PowerofSpeech

238k followers: The defining quality of the human soul is the ✱ POWER OF SPEECH✱ (Bereishit 2:7)

An Instagram page that feeds the soul. For a small bite of positive thinking, Power of Speech delivers with reflective posts that add a bright spot to your social media newsfeed.

12. @ThatJewishMoment

18.2k followers: Positive thoughts & moments from life as an observant Jew. By Sari

One of the first pages I started following when I started Humans of Judaism. There’s such a sweet timeless style to this artistic Instagram page. The title says it all, while the images mix in a taste of Jewish tradition and creativity.

11. @MandyliciousChallah

9496 followers: Over 150 kosher challah flavors & endless inspiration. Let me help you find your inner challah monster!

This is really one of those pages that I have to like every single photo, every time you think there can’t be another challah recipe, she proves us all wrong. Remember, photos have no calories, so enjoy!

10. @Kosher90210

35.8k followers:Upscale Kosher Certification & Food Blog ? APPAREL FOR A CAUSE ? Beverly Hills, California

Aside from a very on trend apparel line and other fun merchandise, Kosher90210 always keeps your Instagram feed filled with vibrant colors, Beverly Hills culture and lifestyle. This is also a brand that gives back, proceeds of their sales go to the IDF.

9. @ChallahArt

830 followers: Celebraiding & rising to the occasion

Humans of Judaism has been featuring Challah Art since before it finally created this incredible page. No basic challah shapes here, Challah Art is truly that, shaping challah dough into fun and meaningful shapes, she even posts before and after baking pics!

8. @MemesofJudaism

5090 followers – Bio:  ? One Account. ?? Many Memes. ? Sarcasm Across the Globe.

Memes of Judaism has become the Humor section to Humans of Judaism, if you’re looking for good Jewish humor, check it out!

7. @MeirKay

31.1k followers – Bio: The world is a brighter place because you’re in it! #staypositive#behappy I’m Meir Kay… Have a great day!

I discovered Meir Kay when I saw him on TV with his well-known ‘High Five’ video. Since then his only mission seems to be to make people smile. Who doesn’t want to follow a page like that?

6.  @NefeshBnefesh

10k followers: Helping people from the US, UK and Canada make Aliyah to Israel by reducing the obstacles that prevent people from living their #LiveLoveIsrael dream.

Nefesh B’Nefesh brings us into the Aliyah (moving to Israel) experience through their Instagram account. Photos range from people moving to Israel, their journey, arrival to Israel, settling in and everything in between.

5. @SharonGabay2

31.9k followers: Street Photographer Jerusalem Israel

One of my favorite Israel street photographers, so much so that you will often find his images on Humans of Judaism.

4. @TheLayersProject

1118 followers – Bio: The Layers Project explores an in-depth look at the complex and nuanced lives of Jewish women. Project of Shira Sheps Photography.

I stumbled upon The Layer Project only a few months ago. Since then, I have been captivated with the unique environment designed to support the many needs of Jewish women. Presented in various parts, each story captures a moment, an experience of a Jewish women that is either relatable or provokes the start of great conversation.

3. @IDF

268k followers: Official Instagram of the IDF with photos from the field by our soldiers.

I mean, who doesn’t want to follow these amazing heroes!


2. @StateofIsrael

100k followers: Israel’s official channel on Instagram.

State of Israel shares some of the best of the best images from across the country through various lenses. Each photo is more magnificent than the next, this account gives you a true taste of the beautiful land.

1. @HumansofJudaism

108k followers: ✡ One Nation. ? Many Faces. ? Jews from Across the Globe. ? “Everyone Has A Story, What’s Yours?”


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