I am sharing this today so that you can learn a little bit more about the inspiration behind Humans of Judaism. There are 2 projects that are very near to my heart, Humans of Judaism and Telfies, Tefillin selfies from across the globe.
My father was a true Human of Judaism and a man who prioritized his prayers and tefillin above everything else. 3 years ago today, my 67 year old father passed away suddenly. Needless to say, my heart was broken. My father, my teacher, my hero, was just gone. A few months into my year of mourning, I realized that I needed to do something special in his memory. So I had this idea to create a page on social media that was devoted to positive Jewish content. These days it’s very easy to indulge in negativity and focus on what’s wrong with the world instead of appreciating what’s right. With Chanukah coming up in the next few days, we learn about light in the darkness, literally and figuratively. We wait until it gets dark outside before we light our Menorahs, just like the miracle of Chanukah during dark times.

May we always be priviledged to bring light to the world.
– Nikki Schreiber
לזכר נשמת ישכר בעריש בן יהודה ישעיה הלוי שרייבער ז״ל

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