Asking for forgiveness is not an easy task. What did I do that’s so terrible? Why can’t Hashem just forgive me. He can do anything.
It takes a definite measure of spiritual sensitivity to realize that what we do wrong (each one of us has a definite idea of what that means) has a spiritual ripple effect, on a spiritual and a physical level. I think the first step to doing teshuva (returning to ourselves and Hashem) is to realize the negative impact our negative actions have. And we need to ask for cleansing.
But, I think there is another level which might help us with a positive perspective to change. Hashem wants blessing in this world. He wants to fill us and the world with light. (This perspective is particularly relevant to me having just returned from a very powerful Rosh Hashana experience in Uman.) When we deviate from His will, we block that light from coming down.
I think it’s fair to say that we all have a growing sense that something big is happening. Hopefully we hear the footsteps of Meshiach’s coming. We all want to bring light into the world. We all want to bring the world closer to a place of greatness and G-dliness.
Yom Kippur is a time to realize that what we do does make a difference. It does effect the entire world. And it is a time to try to unblock those channels of light and allow the blessing that Hashem wants to bring to the world to come down.
May we all be blessed with forgiveness and written in for a year of wonderful things.
Have a wonderful Shabbos and a meaningful Yom Kippur.
Written By: Rabbi Dovid Charlop

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