“And Yaakov worked seven years for Rachel and they were like a few days because of his love of her.”
The famous question. Isn’t waiting for the person you love like an eternity?
Did you every read a really great book? Remember when the fat side was the pages already read and the thin side was the few pages remaining, and you somehow hoped the book would continue? Why is it like that?
When you’re not focused on your own needs, you become aware of the qualities of the other person, book, or whatever. You can appreciate the timeless (often spiritual) qualities of what you have as opposed to what you’re lacking. If you live with that focus of the other’s greatness and not your needs, you can remain constantly inspired and appreciative. But when you become the focus of the waiting period, then it seems like forever.
Yaakov was enamored of Rachel’s spiritual greatness. He wasn’t focused on his own waiting, just her incredible qualities. So his seven year waiting period went by like a few days.
Isn’t this just a little different than the “love” that we watch and hear about in our movies and songs? Isn’t this the kind of love we would “love” to be filled with: love of our families, our friends, the Torah, Hashem? It’s within our reach by focusing on the unique qualities of the other and not on our own waiting period.
Have a wonderful Shabbos.
Source: R Dovid Charlop

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