I often thought that, in a certain way, we really have no connection with Shavuos since ultimately the luchos (two tablets) were broken. This Shavuos, especially due to the inspiration of the Poland trip, I realized that I was mistaken. If a neshama or the collective neshamos of the Jewish people reach a certain height, that experience is ingrained in their beings forever. Similarly, Chazal teach us that each of us learned with a malach (angel) while still in the womb. Even though we can’t really picture what this means, the bottom line is each of us has had an experience which is imprinted on our souls forever. And once it’s in our souls it is part of us. And that will never be taken away from us even if we fall, chas vashalom.
I personally have no other way of understanding how the talmidim become so inspired with our experience in Poland and, in particular, our Shabbos in Lizensk. The fact that our neshamos can connect to incredible spiritual heights is a concrete reflection of this reality.
So the next time you get frustrated or annoyed with a fellow Jew (or even yourself) remember who they really are and that he (and you) stood at Har Sinai and heard Torah from Hashem and that we are Hashem’s people forever. Even when we don’t have the clarity of those special moments, this thought can serve as a reminder of the eternal holiness of every single member of the Jewish people.
Have a wonderful Shabbos.
Written By: R Dovid Charlop

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