“When I was born, my Godfather was the holy Baba Sali. He named me Shimon after Rabbi Shimon Bar Yokhai, and blessed me that I would always have the strength to do the right thing even when everyone else wasn’t. I fought in all the big wars, first as a foot soldier in the Golani brigade’s spec-ops division and then as an officer in the Matkal commando unit, and throughout my service I always remembered that blessing. Now I’m semi-retired and spend my time selling my drawings on the street. People tell me they’re very good, and that if I went to America I could become famous. But who wants to be famous? I’ve seen the type of people that are famous today, who needs people like that? All you have to do to be rich is to always have a cent more than you need, and that makes me richer than most. Besides, Jerusalem is my home. To leave the holiest city in the world to make money? I’d have to be crazy!”
Source: Humans of Jerusalem

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