Israel Unity

“I was awoken to my eim bayit bursting through our room, asking if we were all here. My annoyance quickly vanished when i saw the panicked look on her face. Something was wrong. Without needing to ask i heard the ambulances, the news reporters, and the police. There was a terrorist attack in the shul down the block from my seminary. For the next few hrs i walked around in a daze. Instead of classes our teachers took the time to make sure we were all okay. Finally it was time for the levayos… My legs felt heavy as i walked with the entire Neve campus and neighborhood to the street Agassi. I perched myself on a rock and i watched as men, women, bochurim, and even children came through. For the most part i listened to all the words being said by the family members of the victims; yet, at some point i zoned out and looked around the entire street and i realized something. Through the pain, the agony, the terror, and the unspeakable, we come together to comfort one another. I did not know these great men, nor did my friends next to me, yet we were there. We came because that’s what we do. That’s what Jews do. Because through the dark, through the light, the good, the bad, we come together as a nation more solid than ever, united as one.”

– Faigy Ullman

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