“My dear friends. I need help in resolving rather unusual matter. This morning I was approached by a petty thug with an unusual offer. He offered to sell me something. There’s nothing unusual about such offers and I usually follow the rule not to buy anything from them to not to promote crime. Today it was different. Instead of usual stuff, he offered me a Tallit. After initial wave of amusement and fear that he would desecrate it by using it as a rug or towel, I bought it from him. And now, I am looking for its rightful owner. Of course first thing I called a police, unfortunately they can’t find any reports of the stolen Tallitot. Above you will find a picture of it. I suspect the name of the owner is Meir Emanuel. Please feel free to pass my information to any person you may think is a rightful owner. I would be glad to see them reunited.”


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