Super Avi Bar Mitz

“Today was a really big day. Today was my Bar Mitzvah. I turned 13 on the Hebrew calendar. Jewish boys put on Tfillin when they turn 13. I did not want to make a big deal about it even though it is a pretty major deal, because usually a Bar Mitzvah party involves a lot of eating and food. Being that I’m not able to eat yet, I decided to postpone the party until I am able to eat. Today I got good news. We got an email from Cincinnati confirming the date of surgery. I hope to be able to make the party right after the summer. I didn’t post for the last few days because I was very sad and depressed leading up to today. I thought today would be very depressing but it ended up being emotional and uplifting.  I was on a high for most of the day. Most Bar Mitzvah boys just think about the party and the fun. Most boys don’t think about being alive and being able to celebrate turning 13. Thank you Hashem (g-d). Yesterday I was in the hospital all day. I had a lumbar puncture and chemo. I was feeling so sick for most of the day. Although my back hurt me a lot today. I was so happy to be feeling so much better.  #makethebestofit #teamavi #gogold #childhoodcancer #staystrong #barmitzvah”

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