The Special Children's Center“My name is Max Cohen and I am 20 years old, living in the New York tri-state area.  This summer, my friends and I are directing a glow in the dark run, infused with music and inspirational videos to help raise awareness for The Special Children’s Center.  As a summer counselor and yearlong volunteer, I am a witness to the Center’s (as they call it) special love to each child and the staff’s incomparable devotion to helping each member achieve greatness.  When a special child is born-everyone in the family is affected.  The Center is a home for the whole family to cope, learn, and grow.   We want to welcome everyone to sign up and share in this special night as we run side by side with the children-showing that we are all equal, all AM YISRAEL!!  Visit to register for the run or to make a donation-giving a special child the night of his life!”

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