“It’s like someone has given me a gift. It’s, it makes my whole life perfect,” said Betty Grebenschikoff after finding her childhood best friend who she last saw when she was 9 in 1939. Friends Ana María Wahrenberg and Betty Grebenschikoff we’re inseparable attending school and ballet together. Both fled the war —Wahrenberg fleeing to Chile and Grebenschikoff to China—both changing their names. Later in life, Grebenschikoff would frequently mention her friend’s name during public speeches to see if anyone knew her whereabouts. Last November, after more than 80 years, indexer Ita Gordon of The Shoah Foundation was listening to Wahrenberg’s testimony in Spanish (which the indexer happened to know) and connected the dots to Grebenschikoff’s story. The 2 friends were beyond happy to reconnect and have been on Zoom every week since.

Source: Good News Movement