Renewal was founded by Mendy Reiner in 2006, after an experience he had helping find a kidney for a stranger. He met the man by chance in a office. At first, Mendy thought the man, who had swollen eyes and limbs, was looking for a tzedaka donation and offered him money, but the man refused. He said that what he needed was a kidney.

Mendy placed an advertisement in a local newspaper — “Father of 5, blood type O, needs a kidney” — and included his own phone number. He received dozens of responses, both from people offering to help and from people asking for help finding a kidney.

Renewal is a nonprofit 501c3 organization dedicated to assisting people suffering from various forms of kidney disease. A multi-faceted proactive team that is dedicated to saving lives through kidney donation.

Renewal is there for every patient and their family at every stage of the challenging journey towards health, providing many services to both donor and recipient.

Special attention and detail is given to the kidney donors’ needs. Striving to make the kidney donors’ experience as smooth as possible and provide continuous support and guidance from the initial phone call throughout the kidney donation process.

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