“My incredible Dad, Osher Lehmann. 87 years young and on top of his game. Dad was liberated from Bergen Belsen at the age of 10-1/2. An orphan with no parents. Daddy did it all. Taught himself his entire bar mitzva parsha because in the first and second grades the Dutch school taught them how to read from the Torah. Little did he know. He witnessed every atrocity and came out on top. To raise his beautiful five children with true Torah values. This is Noah Solomon. My grandson. Dad and Mom’s latest great grand child. Your parents are surely smiling down from heaven. My father is blessing Noah, as he does to each child and grandchild each time we see him. The blessings of a Holocaust survivor and that of a man who is blessed with long life are so precious. May hashem continue to shower you and Mom with brachot in abundance. Health. Nachat and time to enjoy.” -Chanelee Fischer