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“Growing up in #Italy, it’s always been hard to observe my religion perfectly. There just aren’t that many #Jewish people, not that many #Kosher restaurants, and If you want to fit in, you most definitely can’t wear a long skirt. But fastforward 7 years later. Now, I live in New York, I am part of an amazing #Persian-Jewish community, and observing #Kashrut#Shabbat, and the laws of Modesty (#tzniut) are not that hard anymore. Coming from a place where all those things were hard to find, I really came to appreciate the amazing luxuries I have here. I started my modest fashion blog two years ago, after an amazing trip to Israel. I felt wholly connected to the land, and to the people living in Jerusalem, and I decided that I want to take something upon myself, when I go back home to #NY. I decided I wanted to try becoming a little bit more modest, I’ve always wanted to, but never actually did because I was afraid to lose the fashion factor because ofcourse, I’ve always been into fashion. Then I came up with the idea of incorporating my two worlds together, and I realized many girls are probably struggling with the same thing as me. Tzniut is usually portrayed as a sloppy, unattractive way of dressing, but through Tzniut Style, I show women all over the world, that covering up a little, can actually be beautiful, and even fashion-forward. I am still not following all the rules of modesty, but my blog helps me grow into the woman I want to be slowly everyday.”
Ora LoloiTzniut Style

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